Akina Nakamori – Fantasy ~Gensoukyoku~

Ruri-iro no Yoru e
Nigiwai no Kisetsuhe
Kizudarake no Love
Mewotojite Excursion
Second Love
More Motto Koishite
Aitsu wa Joke

thoughts. B.
As I have said before Akina Nakamori has a slew of albums, so sometimes it’s going to be a bit difficult to differentiate. I will do my best though. Fantasy ~Gensoukyoku~ is her third album and it’s actually pretty good and stands out a lot more than her previous two albums which didn’t seem to have much of a presence to me. The exception being the really good track Image no Kakeri. Akina’s voice is really niceobviously, this album has that 80’s vibe that I actually surprisingly like. I love how she was the anti-thesis to pop, it made her very interesting. The album isn’t anything special, it’s a pretty standard album with a few good tracks: Ruri-iro no Yoru e, Nigiwai no Kisetsuhe and Kizudarake no Love to name a few. It fades after a listen, but I do like it more than her previous two albums.

  • favorite track – Ruri-iro no Yoru e
    least favorite track – Second Love
    guilty pleasure track – Nigiwai no Kisetsuhe
    under rated track – Kizudarake no Love



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