Akeboshi – After the rain clouds go

Usual life
Beat the snow
Tiny Rainbow
Drifting sounds
Fragments of memory
Kumori Yozora
Break the spell
Muchuu de Yume no Uchi
Standing on the line
Messed up mind

thoughts. B-.
After the rain clouds go is the last album, as of now, released by Akeboshi. It’s a real shame to, because I love his calm and melancholy approach to music. It’s very hit or miss and not always in-between. He has some really emotionally moving in thought provoking songs, so I do hope he releases another album in the near future. This album pretty much plays like the previous two, it doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t try to. You will either like it or you won’t, in this case I do. Akeboshi oddly doesn’t have any tracks that jump out and cling to me like on his previous two albums, but the songs I did find myself really liking are: Usual Life, Fragments of Memory, Kumori Yuzora and Messed up mind. Akeboshi’s albums aren’t great and can be boring as his style is not to everyone’s taste, but I’d buy them.

  • favorite track – Usual Life
    least favorite track – Meltwater
    guilty pleasure track – Messed up mind
    under-rated track – Kumori Yuzora



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