Ailee – A Doll’s House

U & I
No No No
Rainy Day
How Could You Do This To Me
I’ll Be OK

thoughts. B.
A Doll’s House is Ailee’s second Korean mini album and I wasn’t really feeling it all that much. U & I and No No No aren’t bad songs; she delivers decent vocal performances for both of them, it’s just that aside from that they didn’t really stay with me once they were over. Rainy Day is where the album really comes into it’s own, an even though I didn’t instantly like Scandal or I’ll Be OK the first go around, I really got into them once I stopped and really gave them a listen. Ailee has a great voice, sometimes I can’t decide on whose voice I like more between her or IU. I do prefer IU, though only because I’ve been a fan of her longer. Anyway, this is a better and more stand out mini than her previous one. Even though they both seemed to contain the same formula for the most part.

  • favorite track – How Could You Do This To Me?
    least favorite track – U & I
    guilty pleasure track – Scandal
    under-rated track – I’ll Be OK



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