Aikawa Nanase – Crimson

Hear a Good-bye
A Night Where I Can’t Sleep
Bad Girls
Velvet moon
Her and Mine’s Circumstance
Tender Song

thoughts. B-.
Crimson is Aikawa Nanase’s third album and it use to be my least favorite album from her. It honestly may still be… but I don’t dislike it as much as I once did. I think the main thing that turned me off of this album was how utterly forgettable it was in kinda still is. Crimson doesn’t have much of a presence, it’s kind of like a less annoying but blander version of her debut. The only track that really stands out is A Night Where I Can’t Sleep, such a beautifully poignant song. I thought Aikawa’s voice in this ballad was simply gorgeous and it’s actually my favorite song from her. Tender Song was also a good ballad, but it didn’t really stick and seemed to go on longer than it should have. The other tracks are OK, but I’ve heard better up and mid-tempo tracks from her. This is a decent album, but possibly her weakest offering, this and Red.

  • favorite track – A Night Where I Can’t Sleep
    least favorite track – Bad Girl
    guilty pleasure track – Hear A Good-bye
    under-rated track – Tender Song



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