Usher – Usher

I’ll Make It Right
Interlude 1
Can U Get wit It
Think of You
Slow Love
The Many Ways
I’ll Show You Love
Interlude 2 (Can’t Stop)
Love Was Here
You Took My Heart
Smile Again
Final Goodbye

thoughts. C.
Where do I even start with Ushers self-titled debut album Usher? How about the fact that he was 13 or 14 and talking about some serious grown-up stuff and it kinda, really threw me off a bit. He had such a cute baby face back then, so you cannot take him serious when he’s talking about bedding a chick that young, like… no. Anyway, I will give Usher some credit for him to be that young he had such a pleasant voice. I mean I was mostly bored listening to this album, but he made the majority of the tracks that I would have otherwise overlooked, actually listen-able. I found myself thinking, wow these are some really dull songs, but I can fuck with them. I actually like the track Love Was Here, even though if I were to be honest it sounds like all the other tracks on here. Out of the singles he released I really liked the catchy Think Of You, even though Can You Get With It is fun for all the wrong reasons. I wasn’t too disappointed with this album though, not like I was with Aaliyah’s debut. I think I expected it to be more like Sammie’s debut, but it seemed like he was trying to be more mature than he really was and it just didn’t work for me. The songs aren’t bad, it’s actually a decent album to just put on in listen to if you want to be put in a relaxed mood as Usher’s voice is really nice and sultry throughout, if you can forget how young he was when this was released.

  • favorite track – Think of You
    least favorite track – (the interludes…)
    guilty pleasure track – Can U Get wit It
    under-rated track – Love Was Here



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