B2K – B2K

Gots Ta Be
Why I Love You
Uh Huh
B2K Is Hot (Skit)
B2K Is Hot
I’m Not Finished
Come On
Hey Little Lady (Interlude)
Hey Little Lady
Baby Girl
Your Girl Chose Me
Last Boyfriend
Here We Go Again

thoughts. B.
I was like 12 or 13 when B2K first hit the scene and I remember being a huge fan of them for the few shorts years they were active. My favorite member was Lil Fizz and I remember me and my god-sisters literally getting everything B2K from their CD’s to magazines to DVD’s to whatever, we had it. We even went to see their terrible We Got Served movie at the theater when it dropped; we also dressed as them for Halloween one year… B2K is their self-tilted debut album, and I remember how excited we were when we got the album in huddled together around the stereo to listen to it. I remember us dying at their corny skits an replaying Why I Love You over and over until it sounded weird. I really liked this album when I first heard it, mostly because I was such a huge fan of them. However, listening to this album now as an almost 30 year old woman, it’s cute but not as good as I remember it being. Don’t get me wrong I will bump Gots Ta Be any day of the week, that song will never get old. I also really liked Understanding, I’m Not Finished and Baby Girl. The more fast paced songs other than Uh-Huh I dug as well, such as B2K Is Hot, Fantasy and Come On. The rest are OK, but really played like filler and come across as a little immature. This is a really decent debut though in I can see why my 13 year old self liked it so much. B2K will always hold a very special an nostalgic place in my heart, and Lil Fizz will remain my ultimate girl-crush.

  • favorite track – Gots Ta Be/Why I Love You
    least favorite track – Here We Go Again
    guilty pleasure track – Uh Huh
    under-rated track – Understanding



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