Mario – Mario

Just A Friend 2002
Braid My Hair
2 Train
What Your Name Is
Holla Back
Could You Be
Put Me On
Chick wit da Braids
Girl in the Picture

thoughts. A.
I literally almost forgot how much I loved Mario back in the day and listening to this surprisingly really good debut album from him, I am reminded of how terribly under-rated he is as an artist. I remember loving his debut album Mario to death back when it dropped, but it’s been awhile and I was like 12 or 13 when this album came out so I actually forgot all the damn jams he had on this album. I was listening to the album for this review and with each track I was like, ‘I remember this song!’ and a couple I forgot he even sung like What Your Name Is and Could You Be. The song on this album I use to wear out was Chick wit da Braids, it’s so High School I can’t stand it, but in such a good way. Other songs worth noting is of course the catchy bop Just A Friend 2002, Braid My Hair, Never and Girl In The Picture. Mario’s album only tracks weren’t bad at all, aside from the ones that I already named: C’Mon, 2 Train, Holla Back and Put Me On are OK they just didn’t pop as hard as the others. All in all this is a really good debut, and Mario’s vocals hit.

  • favorite track – What Your Name Is
    least favorite track – Holla Back
    guilty pleasure track – Chick wit da Braids
    under-rated track – Could You Be



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