RURUTIA – Water Forest

Sky of Suzaku
Star Souls
Something Unwaveringly Beautiful
Bewitching Wind
Dense Forest
Thinking About The Seasons

thoughts. B.
It’s a coincidence that the two artists I review with really fragile toned voices come one right after the number. RURUTIA is like a spirit-being to me, both real and unreal as where Ritsuko is so much so real, with the sweet fragility of her voice that it’s almost painful. RURUTIA’s music however is harder to get into, because it’s very experimental, airy and has a tendency to sound like different versions of each other. Water Forest (I think this is my favorite album from her), is her sophomore album and it’s a step up from her first in my opinion. The songs don’t really stand out, but unlike the tracks on her first album they honestly, oddly stick with me more. I can only really remember two tracks from her first album, however this album really paints a picture of startling fantasy and it’s gorgeous. It’s nothing to write home about, but this is definitely an album you can just pop on and listen to, if only to hear the stand out track Pavene.

  • favorite track – Pavene
    least favorite track – Thinking About The Seasons
    guilty pleasure track – Oar
    under-rated track – Something Unwaveringly Beautiful



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