Perfume – ⊿

love the world
Dream Fighter
I still love U
The best thing
Speed of Sound
One Room Disco
Wish -album mix-

thoughts. B+.
I still cannot believe how much I disliked their first album. So, when they released their sophomore album (tri-angle), my expectations were very low. I did like the singles, especially Dream Fighter, but I wasn’t expecting to like the album as much. It’s not good by any means, but it’s leaps and bounds better than their first. I found myself so annoyed listening to GAME; I just didn’t like any of the songs. I really tried to force myself to and I couldn’t. Tri-Angle sounds a lot more polished; it also gives me a black, white and red vibe. The songs were really good this time around, as if they went in took some auto-tune voice classes or lessons or something, because even with the auto-tune their voices sounded pleasant. I was surprised by songs like NIGHT FLIGHT, I still love U, and One Room Disco. This album renewed my interest in Perfume, because I really wanted to write them off after GAME. A really decent second venture from them.

  • favorite track – Dream Fighter
    least favorite track – Wish -album mix-
    guilty pleasure track – One Room Disco
    under-rated – I still love U



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