Matsuda Seiko – North Wind

Shiroi Koibito
Hanadokei Saita
North Wind
Fuyu no Album
Kaze wa Aki Iro
Only My Love
Winter Garden
Shinayaka na Yoru

thoughts. B.
I’m pleasantly surprised with Seiko Matsuda’s second album North Wind. I don’t remember liking it this much when I first listened to it, that’s why I’m glad I always re-listen to them before I review them. With that said even though I gave the majority of the tracks on here a fair rating, they were still nice. I give 3’s to songs that stand out, or really stick with me, so if a song get’s a two it doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t a good song. Seiko’s voice was really nice on this album. I thought her voice was tragically mediocre on her debut, but this time around it’s so pleasant. The stand out track on this album is Only My Love, it was quite good and that note toward the end gave me life. I also enjoyed Shinayaka na Yoru, a slow burn of a ballad, but she sung it well and with emotion. I hope the rest will play this well, because I honestly wasn’t feeling her earlier albumsyet the deeper I go through her disco the more I get why she was so huge in the 80’s and 90’s.

  • favorite track – Only My Love
    least favorite track – North Wind
    guilty pleasure track – Winter Garden
    under-rated track – Shinayaka no Yoru



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