Destiny’s Child – Destiny’s Child

Second Nature
No, No, No Part 2 feat. Wyclef Jean
With Me Part I feat. Jermaine Dupri
Tell Me
No, No, No Part I
With Me Part II
Show Me the Way
Killing Time
Illusion feat. Pras
Sail On
My Time Has Come

thoughts. C.
sigh– Where do I even begin with Destiny’s Child? It seemed as if they were doomed from the start. Beyonce was then and still is a fame-whore. I thought it was too shady how they kicked LaToyia and LaTavia out the group in the middle of promoting their second album (their best album). I remember watching the Say My Name video and saying out-loud, “Where the hell is LaToyia and LaTavia?”. Anyway, this is their first album with the original four, self-titled Destiny’s Child. It’s not bad really, it’s just a really boring and forgettable album. There was no chemistry and no connection between the girls, even though the harmonization sounded nice, it just almost seemed like they couldn’t be bothered. Beyonce has a good voice, I won’t lie, but on a few of the songs on here she is just going ad-lib crazy and I won’t even get started on My Time Has Come which was her solo and the other girls as her background singers. I’m assuming maybe Kelly sung at some point in a couple tracks, but honestly the only distinguishable voice is Beyonce’s. I don’t understand why they put No, No, No Part II before the first part, yet had the With Me Part I before the Part II which made more sense. I did like a few of the album only tracks though like Bridges and Killing Time, yet you also have your share of stale tracks like Tell Me and Show Me The Way. It’s a weird balance of decent songs and lame throwaway tracks which makes for an odd, mixed bag of a listen. It’s OK, but this is probably the only album from them I wouldn’t buy.

  • favorite track – No, No, No Part II
    least favorite track – With Me Part I feat. Jermaine Dupri
    guilty pleasure track – Killing Time
    under-rated track – My Time Has Come



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