Fly to the Sky – The Promise


The Promise
A Confession
Always Together
In Your Eyes
Don’t Forget Me
Baby Love

thoughts. C.
I never noticed that little talking bit in Shy Love till this listen. I’m not sure how I’ve missed it over all these years, but I was listening to the song in thinking, ‘I do not remember this dialogue part in it’. Weird. The Promise is their second album and it’s very forgettable, it’s not bad per-say, just very forgettable (it played like an odd love song to). The songs that aren’t throwaway are all down-tempo or ballad love songs; which I thought was strange considering that their debut album had a few. This album definitely sounds throwback, which I like, I just wish it had stood out more. Day by Day was charmingly dated, but I remember it because of that. They have such good voices, especially Hwanhee, just wish the songs would have popped more. I’ve always liked their ballads more than their more up-tempo music.

  • favorite track – In Your Eyes
    least favorite track – The Promise
    guilty pleasure track – Shy Love
    under-rated track – Baby Love



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