ARASHI – Here We Go!

You Are Not Bad At All
Tokyo Towers Tune Night
ALL or NOTHING ver. 1.02
Sleepless Body
Because You Don’t Want To
The Fast
Tell Me That You Love Me
FreeWay of Stars
Let’s Talk About Love Now
Nice Spirit

thoughts. B-.
I don’t really have much to say when it comes to ARASHI’s second album, HERE WE GO! It’s like a lot of albums I listen to as to where it’s not bad, but it’s not good either. It sort of settles itself in the middle and is a pretty average yet decent listen. I didn’t feel like their voices stood out as much as they did on their first album. I say that because I really dislike listening to a song or even an album and once it’s over I completely forget it. That’s how I felt about a majority of the tracks on here; they weren’t bad when I was listening to them, however once the song was over I couldn’t really remember it at all. It’s an OK album, the replay value isn’t very high though and the only songs that stood out to me were FreeWay of Stars and Nice Spirit.

  • favorite track – FreeWay of Stars
    least favorite track – ALL or NOTHING ver. 1.02
    guilty pleasure track – WOW!!
    under-rated track – Nice Spirit



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