Akina Nakamori -Variation -Hensoukyoku-

Moroi Gogo
Aishu Magic
Sakihokoru Hana ni
Yokohama A-KU-MA
Maerchen Location
Shojo A
Dai Nanaken -Septiembre Sens-
Bye bye lullaby
Catastrophe no Amagasa

thoughts. B-.
I really don’t want to end up repeating myself, especially considering how many albums Akina has under her belt. However, I regard her sophomore album Variation -Hensoukyoku- just as I regarded her first, it’s not bad, but it’s not memorable either. I found that I enjoyed the more slower paced, ballad oriented tracks more than the uptempo tracks. I just feel that her voice is much more suited for power ballad or ballad type songs, so tracks such as Cancel! and Shojo A though decent, just did nothing for me. It’s always difficult for me to review an album that doesn’t stick, like it fades away once I’m done listening to it so I end up having to go back and re-listen to review or figure which tracks I like. Whether good or bad it should stay with me. Akina has a slew of albums though, so I’m sure eventually one will do it for me.

  • favorite track – Sakihokoru Hana ni
    least favorite track – Cancel!/Shojo A
    guilty pleasure track – Maerchen Location
    under-rated track – Dai Nanaken -Septiembre Sens-



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