Ailee – Invitation

I Will Show You
Into the Storm feat. Verbal Jint
Evening Sky
My Love feat. Swing’s
Shut Up feat. Simon D.

thoughts. B.
Invitation is Ailee’s first Korean mini album, and I like it. I will admit that at first it was a meh listen, the only track standing out to me being Evening Sky which is a gorgeous ballad. So, I went back and listened to the songs over again and found that I liked My Love a lot more the second go around and Shut Up even stuck out more to me. As I had at first wrote it off as a track that I think is OK but won’t really listen to, like IU’s My Boo. I don’t really care for Heaven, but it is a good song. Invitation is OK, I like it more than her VIVID album. It’s just I want her music to stick more and by that I mean albums, mini and otherwise because she has a really nice voice. So, here’s to hoping her next three are better and more memorable.

  • favorite track – Evening Sky
    least favorite track – I Will Show You
    guilty pleasure track – Shut Up feat. Simon D
    under-rated track – My Love feat. Swing’s



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