2PM – Hands Up

Hand’s Up
Give It To Me
Just Like The Movies
Don’t You Know
I Can’t
Thank You
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

thoughts. A.
2PM’s second Korean album is a lot better than their first, despite it sounding liked an alternate 1:59PM to me, anyway. This is one of those albums where all the songs just pop out at me, so it was actually hard to pick one I disliked. I just picked HOT because its the only track that didn’t stick with me afterwards. Their first album was a bit too mild for me and only half interesting. It seemed like this was the start of them coming into their own; especially after the departure of Jay Park, who was also their leader. The up-tempo’s balanced out the more softer or ballad orientated tracks. Also, it’s one of the few albums that I wouldn’t mind giving a straight through listen without skipping any tracks. I stopped listening to 2PM for years after Jay exited, but I’m glad I finally gave them a second chance. I surely hope their Japanese album’s are just as good.

  • favorite track – Don’t You Know
    least favorite track – HOT
    guilty pleasure track – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
    under-rated track – Electricity



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