Zard – Goodbye My Loneliness

Goodbye My Loneliness
Ai was Kurayami no Naka de
Koi Onna no Yuutsu
Oh! Sugar Baby
Onna de Itai
It’s a Boy

thoughts. C.
It’s mini album length. I mean it’s close enough, yet a full album to me is one with ten tracks or more. Felt the same way with Bonnie Pink’s Blue Jam; like I should have skipped over this one like I did with hers, going straight to her second album, which flows a lot better. Goodbye My Loneliness is Zard’s debut album and it’s like a majority of the albums I’ve reviewed. OK. It’s just a very odd listen as aside from the title track and Onna de Itai (which is a pretty good track), I just don’t get it. They’re not bad, they just go over my head. It’s a Boy is a pretty smooth track to end the album on, even if it does sound like another version of Oh! Sugar Baby to me for some reason. Sadly, Zard passed away in 2007 so as with Ritsuko Okazaki I will be reviewing their music released up until their deaths.

  • favorite track – Goodbye My Loneliness
    least favorite track – Ai was Kurayami no Naka de
    guilty pleasure track – It’s a Boy
    under-rated track – Onna de Itai



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