Utada Hikaru – First Love

Movin’ on without you
In My Room
First Love
time will tell
Never Let Go
B+C -Album ver.-
Another Chance

thoughts. C.
I absolutely adore Hikki. I’m even one of those rare people that actually like her English albums! First Love, her debut album, is to date her highest selling album as well as the highest selling album in Japan’s history. I get it, but it still bewilders me ’cause this is definitely her weakest album. It’s just… I don’t know where she was going with this. It’s like watered down rnb. I felt like her rnb vibe was more authetic on This Is The One. This album to me is just a confusing listen because I feel like I should like it, but I don’t because it’s boring and doesn’t offer much of anything. Aside from the heart-wrenching and nostalgic First Love (which is my favorite Japanese song believe it or not), it’s just stale. Yea, the tracks are pretty decent, but I just feel like it could have been so much better and less thrown together. Thankfully, Hikki got more creative with her later albums. A decent debut; better than Namie, Kuu and Ayu’s, for sure.

  • favorite track – First Love
    least favorite track – Another Chance
    guilty pleasure track – Movin’ on without you
    under-rated track – Never Let Go



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