Tohoshinki; DBSK – Tri-Angle

I believe…
Thanks To
Tri-Angle feat. BoA + The Trax
Will You Be My Girlfriend?
Million Men
Like Now
I Never Let Go
Hey, Kid
You Always
My Little Princess
The Way You Are

thoughts. B-.
I use to be obsessed with DBSK back when they were a five member group. I got into them around the time they were promoting their third Korean album. Huge fan. It broke my heart when they split, but I’ve gotten over it even though I don’t care for Homin’s Japanese album’s. So, I most likely won’t be reviewing those (I love their Korean releases though). Tri-Angle is their first Korean album and I think I’ve always been pretty indifferent toward it. I like it, but if I had to listen to it straight through I’d become bored with it fairly quickly. And it’s not because there’s more down tempo than up, but because the songs aren’t engaging enough. Even stand out tracks like Million Men and You Always. I believe DBSK was originally suppose to be some sort of acapella, ballad group or something. They can sing, but I’m glad they didn’t go that route. Tri-Angle isn’t a bad album, it’s just to me a pretty lethargic albeit calming listen.

  • favorite track – You Always
    least favorite track – Tri- Angle feat. BoA + The Trax
    guilty pleasure track – Million Men
    under-rated track – Hey, Kid



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