Tasha -Yoonmirae- As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By
I miss you so
Deep Sorrow
Happy Me
You Don’t Love
La Musique
As Time Goes By -English ver.-
She (… Could Never Be Me)
Soul Flower; Scent of Life
Old School Love
Friends Not Lovers
La Musique -English ver.-
Day After Day

thoughts. A.
I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Tasha, but I have always been glad that I did. She’s amazing and super under-rated considering she can rap really well and sing. As Time Goes By is her first Korean album and it’s pretty long to not be a repackage album. I may be in the minority but I don’t really care too much for albums with a lot of tracks cause I feel like there is too much room for pointless filler tracks and it does, especially American album wise, tend to drag the album down. I’ve listened to overly long albums and become both frustrated and bored with them. That is not the case with this album though. None of the songs felt or sounded like filler and it managed to keep my interest throughout. I always love how authentic and genuine Tasha sounds. The album gives off a reflective yet sad vibe, which makes tracks like As Time Goes By, Happy Me, La Musique and Soul Flower; Scent of Life particularly poignant. Her last Korean album is much less depressing sounding, and I actually prefer it to this and her two follow up albums. Even so, this is definitely an above average debut.

  • favorite track – Soul Flower; Scent of Life
    least favorite track – Foolish
    guilty pleasure track – I miss you so
    under-rated track – Happy Me



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