Shiina Ringo – Moratorium of Innocence

The Right City
Queen of Kabukichou
Marunouchi Sadistic
Even Though The Red Light Shines Through
The Same Night

thoughts. B.
Shiina Ringo is quite possibly the only artist I have on my list whose voice is such an acquired taste that even I have a hard time getting through most of her songs. I like her, but her voice definitely takes some getting use to. Moratorium of Innocence is her debut album and it’s interesting to say the least. I’d say I’m half and half with this album. It’s not bad or even boring, but it’s not one of those albums I can listen to just to listen to. Shiina’s voice is incredibly jarring, like nails on a chalkboard jarring. So, even good songs like The Right City or Morphine can be a little taxing to get through. However, her voice is surprisingly smooth in her more ballad oriented songs, such as The Same Night.

  • favorite track – The Right City
    least favorite track – Daydreaming
    guilty pleasure track – Morphine
    underrated track – The Same Night



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