Perfume – GAME

Chocolate Disco
Secret Secret

thoughts. D.
I review albums a bit differently then other people. As I said in my introduction, I only review the songs that I like that way I don’t have songs I dislike dragging down my opinion of the album. This is quite possibly the only album I will ever review where I disliked the majority of said artist’s album. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I only liked two songs off of Perfume’s debut album GAME. To be fair though I have never liked this album. I always thought it was awful and ear-grating. When it was first released all the reviews I read were praising it, so I thought maybe my ears were broken or I wasn’t trying hard enough. I have listened to this album a handful of times since then and every time I come out confused and underwhelmed. The songs are just annoying an they’re not songs I can see myself wanting to listen to if they popped up on my music player. Honestly, this is still amazing to me; TWO SONGS? Geez.

  • favorite track – Chocolate Disco
    least favorite track – N/A
    guilty pleasure track – N/A
    under-rated track – Secret Secret



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