Namie Amuro – SWEET 19 BLUES

Don’t wanna cry -Eighteen’s Summer mix-
Chase the Chance -CC mix-
i was a fool

thoughts. C.
SWEET 19 BLUES is Namie Amuro’s best selling album to date and I get why, but it’s also mind-boggling considering this is probably my least favorite album from her. I honestly believe that if she had shaved off all those pointless, filler interludes as well as not remixed her singles; this album would have fared a lot better with me. It’s just littered with filler and horrible remixes and I’m just sitting here thinking, why? I loved Body Feels Exit, but the Latin mix of it is just terrible. The only remixed single song I did like was Don’t wanna cry -Eighteen’s Summer mix-, but I still for the life of me do not get this album or what she was in the studio thinking? It’s just confusing with all the super short interludes and some of the songs, like I think one was called Jump and I was like, what is the point of this song? A lot of filler-ish crap could have been scrapped, but they weren’t and so we get a successful debut album that had so much promise with the singles leading up to it, fall flat on it’s face. DNR.

  • favorite track – Sweet 19 Blues
    least favorite track – i was a fool
    guilty pleasure track – Don’t wanna cry -Eighteen’s Summer mix-
    under-rated track – PRIVATE



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