Koda Kumi -affection

Trust Your Love
Go Together
Your Song
feel me
Color of Soul
My Dream
So Into You
Come Back
Take Back

thoughts. C.
I was very tempted to give every single song on here a 2.5 because Koda Kumi’s debut album affection is just so damn generic. I honestly use to like this album back when I was first getting into her music. I think I got into her during her 1000 no Kotoba and Real Emotion era or it was her twelve singles thing she had going on back in 2005/2006? I can’t really remember which. I know I use to love singing Take Back. Now that I’ve listened to it so many times it tends to irk me like a lot of the big name Jpop stars of the back then period does aka Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamamsaki… it just doesn’t stick and just sounds thrown together and cheap. I mean perhaps this is a casualty of time, but Hikki, Namie and Ayumi pushed a million+ with their debuts and those aren’t good albums by any means (I’m looking at ayaka’s debut as well). So, I’ll go with the fact that people weren’t really feeling her sound or her image, which was really tacky then. Kuu peaked music-wise during her Secret to Kingdom era; affection is just generic and mediocre with a handful of pretty decent tracks.

  • favorite track – Go Together/Your Song
    least favorite track – Color of Soul
    guilty pleasure track – Take Back
    under-rated track – Come Back



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