IU – Growing Up

A Dreamer
Every Sweet Day
I Do Four

thoughts. B-.
I’m not really sure how I got in IU I just happened to be listening to some of her songs and really liked her voice. I was also looking for female Korean solo singers to get into cause KPop is saturated with groups. I did like IU’s first Korean album Growing Up and even though I don’t like it nearly as much as I did when I first listened to it–it holds a special place in my ears (lol). It’s the first and last album of hers to have this fresh sound; her follow up albums are a bit more fantasy and experimental sounding. IU has such a good voice in it was displayed in songs like Every Sweet Day and Mia then you have the songs like Boo and I Do Four which are nice, but do nothing for her voice and are irritating (the former) or surprisingly forgettable (the latter). I would suggest fans getting into IU start with her second album or her REAL mini album. Growing Up is OK, but a little stale around the edges.

  • favorite track – Every Sweet Day
    least favorite track – Boo
    guilty pleasure track – I Do Four
    under-rated track – Mia



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