Fish Leong – Grow Up Overnight

Sorry, I Love You
Grow Up Overnight
The Rainbow
Getting Lost
Only Hold You
Going Round in Circles
Sunny Innocent
Rubber Band

thoughts. C.
Fish Leong is another singer I am surprised I’m into. I really liked her Silk Road song and just finally last year got into her music. I’m partial to her right now. As in I feel pretty indifferent when it comes to Fish Leong, but I think she has a nice voice and her music is good enough to keep me interested. Grow Up Overnight is her first album and it’s just like Faye’s first major studio album; pretty boring. I mean it has a really loving and romantic vibe going for it that I like, but the songs are terribly forgettable and sound so much alike that they just bleed into each other which makes it hard for me to distinguish them in give a more fleshed out review. It’s nice for what it was going for, just not memorable.

  • favorite track – Note
    least favorite track – Going Round In Circles
    guilty pleasure track – Rubber Band
    under-rated track – The Rainbow



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