Faye Wong – Shirley Wong

However That Day
If Destined
Delicate Hands
Last Train
Still The same Old Phrase
Torn Between Two Lovers
Like Listening To Lies
New Life

thoughts. C.
How did I get into Faye Wong, I feel like it was by chance or… maybe her Eyes On Me single? Either way I think she has such a gorgeous voice an her music most of the time is pretty good and creative. Shirley Wong is her first album; it’s pretty much blase. It’s just such an incredibly forgettable album. The only song that stands out is However That Day, every other song plays like quiet or dull filler. I mean a couple tracks are OK, but it’s over all very underwhelming. Faye’s music gets much better, but I’m pretty up and down with her albums as a whole due to her constantly changing her sound (like Ayumi Hamasaki does). Shirley Wong is another album that I would recommend only if you’re a fan or collecting her music, otherwise it’s just not good. Her voice is beautiful though, if that counts.

  • favorite track – However That Day
    least favorite track – Torn Between Two Lovers
    guilty pleasure track – Last Train
    under-rated track – If Destined



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