Crystal Kay – Crystal Lover Light

Eternal Memories
Flower of the Lane
More Lovin’
Let’s Suika Dorobo
Darling P.P.P.
Rainy Blue Day
C’mon Babe

thoughts. C.
Crystal Kay is one of my favorite J-artists, literally top 10 and she is so under-rated in Japan it’s tragic. I’m also one of those rare people that like her earlier more rnb-oriented albums, the last album I really liked from her being ALL YOURS. I remember really enjoying Crystal Lover Light (years ago when I was younger and didn’t know any better). I thought it did cute, growing teen girl pretty well. However, after repeated listens it feels a bit all over the place. You have down-tempo, ballads, up-tempo, pop-rock (I think) and it just goes back and forth with just really odd songs in-between that confused the hell out of me. I do get that she was really young and this is her first album so the utter lack of cohesion is somewhat forgiven but it just doesn’t hold up like her follow up albums (Kuri’s 637 -always and forever- is lacking to, but plays more fluidly than this one). Crystal Lover Light is one of those albums that’s forgotten like Ayumi’s Nothing From Nothing mini album. It’s a part of her disco, sure, but no one really brings it up; like it’s a secret or something. That’s how this album plays to me in the feeling I was left with was a forgotten album with a few hidden gems on it.

  • favorite Track – Darling P.P.P.
    least Favorite Track – Let’s Suika Dorobo/C’mon Babe
    guilty pleasure track – TEENAGE UNIVERSE ~Chewing Gum Baby
    under-rated track – Eternal Memories



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