Chara – Sweet

Rainbow Gossip
Don’t Get Used To Lying
No Toy
I’ve Passed You
Break These Chain

thoughts. B.
I’m trying to figure out if this is different compared to her later albums… I mean it’s like debut albums tend to be: either hit or miss. I’d say though that this album is somewhere in-between; it’s not bad but it’s not one of my favorite’s or even one I find myself going back to. It’s very rare for me to like a first album ’cause they’re always either very safe or very forgettable. A debut album hardly ever wows me and in the case of Sweet I only really care for two songs on this album: Heaven and Sweet. Those are in my opinion two of the most stand-out songs I have ever heard an they seem like they would be a lot of fun to sing live. Heaven because of it’s sultry air and Sweet because of how innocent and carefree it sounds. I think this is a decent, no, really decent debut. I actually kinda like Sweet. It’s not my favorite, but it’s OK in her voice is actually incredibly tolerable compared to the breathy rasp found on her later albums. The only song I can say rubbed me the wrong way is No Toy and Rainbow Gossip, a little.

  • favorite Track – Heaven
    least Favorite Track – No Toy
    guilty pleasure track – Sweet
    under-rated track – Xmas



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