Bonnie Pink – Heaven’s Kitchen

Heaven’s Kitchen
It’s Gonna Rain
Mad Afternoon
Lie Lie Lie
Get In My Hair
Farewell Alcohol River
Noone Like You

thoughts. B-.
I know this is her second album and Blue Jam is her first album; despite it being so short and mini album length. ZARD’s first album is also mini album length, but unlike that one Blue Jam will not be reviewed until much later, gomen. OK, Heaven’s Kitchen is an interesting if not dull listen. It does however stand out a bit more than Blue Jam. Heaven’s Kitchen has a slow pace to it like Blue Jam, but the songs stick with you as oppose to her first album in which the only song I can really remember is Orange and vaguely Curious Baby. This, and Blue Jam are pretty much tied when it comes to least favorite album as her music gets much better and more memorable after these two (well Evil & Flowers was like a tiny step up). Heaven’s Kitchen as well as Blue Jam (I know I keep comparing them) play like pure lethargy, but this is a better kind of lethargy than the former, if that makes sense?

  • favorite Track – Lie Lie Lie
    least Favorite Track – Mad Afternoon/Noone Like You
    guilty pleasure track – It’s Gonna Rain
    under-rated track – Silence



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