BIGBANG – Since 2007

She Can’t Get Enough
Dirty Cash
Next Day -Seung-Ri solo-
Big Boy T.O.P solo- feat. 이은주
Shake It feat. Lee Eun Joo
A Fool’s Only Tear
My Girl -Taeyang solo-
La La La

thoughts. C.
BIGBANG then aged like fine wine compared to when this album was released; this is not a good album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as bad as it could have been I’ve heard worse (like Lee Hi’s First Love album and I was amazed at how much I disliked it cause she has a really good voice), but this right here is just laziness at it’s finest. It’s like they threw some tracks on here and then filled the rest with out of place solo’s and called it an album. It almost felt like I was listening to a concert CD or something because the flow is so awkward and all over the place. You have a group song, then a solo song an I’m like, what am I listening to? Yea, this is my least favorite album from them.

  • favorite Track – My Girl -Taeyang solo-
    least Favorite Track – Dirty Cash
    guilty pleasure track – Big Boy -T.O.P solo-
    under-rated track – A Fool’s Only Tear



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