ayaka – First Message

Start to 0(Love)
Real Voice
Sha la la
Blue Days
I Believe
Stay with Me
Your Power and an Adult’s Inseparability
Turning Back Time
Crescent Moon

thoughts. C-.
Ayaka has such a great voice but it still astounds me to this day that this boring, forgettable, mediocre album sold over a million copies. I am still stunned. I jumped on the ayaka bandwagon when I heard I believe. Though when I finally got around to listening to her First Message album all those years ago, I was astonished at how little I retained after hearing it. Fast forward to now and I’m still just…. bored. Even listening to the non-throwaway songs for this review, I’m just bored. Disinterested. This is one of the worst debut albums I have ever heard and is my least favorite album from her. Thank goodness her Sing to the Sky album is good, it redeemed her fully in my eyes. However, this album aside from literally two tracks, does her voice no justice. They’re not bad, but they do nothing for her powerful vocals or my short attention span. Those just getting into ayaka I suggest skipping this and listening to her sophomore album, if only for the stellar and emotionally moving Jewelry day. First Message just does nothing for me and is utterly forgettable.

  • favorite track – I believe
    least favorite track – Start to Love(0)/Sha la la
    guilty pleasure track – Melody
    under-rated track – Blue days



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