Akina Nakamori – Prologue ~Jomaku~

Anata no Portrait
Image no Kageri
Aishu Magic
T-shirt Sunset
Ginga Densetsu
Slow Motion
A Gata Melancholy
Hitorikakera no Emerald
Downtown Story

thoughts. C.
Akina Nakamori is one of the few artists I have in my line-up with a shit-ton of albums, so I’m really hoping that I don’t end up repeating myself. The same with Momoe Yamaguchi and Seiko Matsuda. Prologue ~Jomaku~ is Akina’s debut album and though she has a really, REALLY nice voice this album didn’t really do anything for me; with the exception of Image no Kageri. No, it’s not a boring album, the songs just don’t stick. I dislike listening to an album in once it’s over I only remember a handful of songs, because there’s no real variety–everything just sounds the same. It’s not a terrible debut (cause she can sing), it’s just a meh type of album for me.

  • favorite track – Image no Kageri
    least favorite track – Slow Motion/Downtown Story
    guilty pleasure track – T-shirt Sunset
    under-rated track – Hitorikakera no Emerald



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