Ailee – VIVID

Mind Your Own Business
Miwodo Saranghae
Second Chance
Symphony feat. Chancellor
Why Are People Like This
Letting Go feat. Amber
Love Recipe
Fill Your Glass
One More Step

thoughts. C.
This is Ailee’s first and at the moment only album. I really like her voice, she sounds like a more urban IU to me. I wasn’t into her music at first (I would hear about her from time to time though never took the effort to listen to her even during her HEAVEN era), but after listening to her latest mini album A New Empire I gave her a shot and I’m liking what I’m hearing so far. This album is OK. It to me does what a first album should just not in a way in which I would listen to it often. Even so it’s a decent album with some nice tracks and some really good vocals. It’s a tad bit on the boring side an I also didn’t really like how it starts off pretty strong and then tapers off by the end with some pretty filler-ish sounding tracks. I’m hoping her mini’s are better though.

  • favorite track – Insane
    least favorite track – Mind Your Own Business
    guilty pleasure track – Love Recipe
    under-rated track – letting Go feat. Amber



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